Eighth SAHHIN Global Master Class on “Role of City Planning in The Mitigation of Extreme Heat”

  • SAHHIN’s 8th Master Class on “Heat Stress Mitigation and Adaptation Perspective, South Africa” by Dr. Adriaan van der Walt, Senior Lecturer, University of Free State, South Africa  20th May, 2022 – 4:30-5:30 PM (IST)
  • Africa is considered to be the most vulnerable continent to climate change, due to the high exposure and low adaptive capacity. It is estimated that extreme temperature events (ETEs) affected 27 million people across Africa, which resulted in 270 fatalities, and 260 injuries (EM-DAT CRED, 2020). This master class focused on the existing heat wave scenario in South Africa, adaptation measures, and mitigation policies to cope with heat waves.


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