Integrated Solutions For Cleaner Air For Delhi

Process. Analysis, Observations and Modelling: Integrated Solutions for Cleaner Air for Delhi (PROMOTE)

Problems Addressed

  • Evaluation of the Increasing Air pollution in Delhi and other Indian Cities
  • Critical Need for Air Pollution Monitoring and Mitigation


  • Assessed the socio-economic and health impacts of Air Pollution on the marginalized and the lower-income citizens
  • Stakeholder mapping to understand the contributions of different stakeholders in tackling air pollution
  • Campaigning and Issuance of Health Advisory in Schools
  • Inputs to State Development Goals

Prediction Of Dengue With Climate Change

Climate change impact on Dengue and the prediction of Dengue in Delhi and Rajkot: A Statistical analysis and development of warning system

Problem Addressed

  • Increase in Dengue incidences over past decades and need to eradicate it
  • Lack of efficient monitoring and recording mechanism for the mortality and morbidity incidences from Dengue


  • Developed spatial maps to develop ward-level dengue incidences in Delhi and Rajkot
  • Analysis of trends in dengue incidences 2011-2017
  • Development of advisories and awareness strategies for dengue prevention and management in cities
  • Connecting meteorology, statistical modelling and geospatial mapping to develop early warning system for dengue
  • Inputs for State Development Goal 3

Manage Heat Stress In Indian Cities

Climate Adaptive Action Plans to manage Heat Stress in 3 Indian cities – Delhi, Bhubaneshwar & Rajkot

Problem Addressed

  • Climate Adaptive Heat Action Plans at city levels
  • Assess the impact of heat stress on health, productivity and livelihood at the vulnerable sections of the city
  • Lack of awareness to manage heat stress and related illness
  • Spatial identification of vulnerability of population to heat stress


  • Heat stress impact on the health, productivity and livelihood of vulnerable populations was assessed
  • Issuance of Heat Stress Advisories for creating Awareness
  • Developed spatially differentiated and gender sensitive Heat Stress Action Plan for cities in consultation with stakeholders
  • Capacity building of frontline health workers and medical stakeholders
  • Framework for recording heat related mortality and morbidity
  • Inputs for India’s Cooling Action Plan and State Development Goal 13