Urban Infrastructure

Detailed Action Plan For Cities Under Solar Cities Development Programme

Preparation of master plan with detailed action plan under solar cities development program for Jodhpur, Ajmer, and Udaipur

Problems Addressed

No solar city master plan existed for Jodhpur, Ajmer and Udaipur


  • Detailed energy action plan prepared for a minimum of 10 percent reduction in projected total demand and conventional energy
  • Inputs for goals set under the National Solar Mission, NDC goals and State Development Goal 13

Landfill Waste Management

Landfill waste management in Okhla, New Delhi

Problem Addressed

Lack of appropriate strategies for managing gaseous emissions from landfill sites


Detailed analysis to understand commercial feasibility of methane gas captured from the landfill site in Okhla

Solid Waste Management System

Strengthening of  Solid Waste Management system in the industrial park – Cherlapally

Problem Addressed

Lack of appropriate strategies and action plan  to manage municipal solid waste in cities


  • Analysis of different waste streams and the state of existing waste management system in the industrial park – Cherlapally
  • Mapping of stakeholders involved and recommending viable cost-effective technical options for efficient municipal solid waste management system
  • Provided inputs for Swachh Bharat Abhiyan