Themes & Projects

Climate Resilience

Climate Vulnerability Profiling

20 Indian cities covered under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewable Mission

Problems Addressed

  • Lack of understanding of the city level climate vulnerability and the nature of actions needed for climate resilient development
  • Need for Government and institutional frameworks for building resilient infrastructure at the city level


  • Vulnerability profiles and matrix for 20 Indian cities
  • Assessment of urban resilience measures, helping cities minimize the impact of climate change its inhabitants.

Emerging Mechanisms And Response Of Cities To Climate

  • Policy brief on Emerging Mechanisms and Responses of Cities to Climate Change – ACCCRN

Problem Addressed

Need for Policy discourse on emerging mechanisms, responses and measures needed for prioritizing climate resilience into city development.


Guidance document for decision makers at national/state/city government levels on Urban Climate Change Resilience

Urban Climate Vulnerability Index

Assessing Urban Climate Vulnerability Index for Six Indian cities – Srinagar, Delhi, Shillong, Chennai, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Problem Addressed

A qualitative and quantitative framework to identify climate hazard vulnerability of the selected cities


  • Climate vulnerability scorecard with 7 thematic indicators (Physical, Hazard, Social, Demographic. Financial Provisioning, Infrastructure and Administration vulnerability)

Policy Landscape For Urban Climate Resilience

Mainstreaming Climate Resilience in Urban Development; Policy landscape for urban resilience for the cities of Gorakhpur, Surat and Indore

Problem Addressed

Climate induced natural hazard vulnerability of cities


  • Identified opportunities to orient urban development programmes to promote city-level climate resilience
  • Research findings shared at national-level and city-level
  • Integrated policy framework suggested, for coordinated decision making.

Developing Climat E Resilient Smart Cities

Policy level engagement for developing Climate Resilient Smart Cities

Problem Addressed

Need for engaging decision-makers on urban climate change resilience and integrating the concepts into wider planning courses


  • Policy recommendations and interventions for developing Climate Resilient Smart Cities in India
  • Smart Solutions for Disaster Resilience and Management in smart cities

Rapid Assessment Of Vulnerability To Climate Change

Rapid assessment of vulnerability to climate change in 14 Indian cities

Problem Addressed

  • Need for a methodological framework and index for rapid assessment of urban climate vulnerability
  • Non-availability of baseline data for socio-economic and infrastructure characteristics


Methodological framework for rapid climate vulnerability assessment, efficient urban policies and programmes

Higs Framework Of Climate Resilient Urban Development

Working paper on Hazards, Infrastructure, Governance, Socio-economic (HIGS) variables framework for Climate-Resilient Urban Development.

Problem Addressed

  • A lack of framework to analyse city-level climate risks which integrates physical and meteorological hazards
  • Analysis of infrastructure and urban services; Governance variables; and socio-economic and demographic indicators


  • A customizable approach for cities to analyse their vulnerability in order to understand potential areas of corrective action
  • Information on urban development and management shared with national, state, and local policymakers
  • Framework enabled cities to autonomously assess their vulnerability using the HIGS framework