Oct 2021
  Fourth SAHHIN Master Class on ‘Heat Early Warning Systems-Scientific Approaches for Estimating Thresholds’ by expert Mr. Abhiyant Tiwari, Assistant Professor and Program Manager, GIDM conducted on 28th October, 2021- The Master class deliberated on the importance of temperature thresholds… Read more
Oct 2021
Integrated Research and Action for Development (IRADe) successfully conducted a Session on Impacts of Heat Stress Management in South Asia” at the 6th International Climate Change Adaptation Conference hosted by The Energy Research Institute (TERI), 5th October 2021. The session… Read more
Sep 2021
  Third SAHHIN Masterclass on Early Warning Systems for Heat Stress Management’’, by expert   Dr. Ajit Tyagi, Senior Advisor, IRADe 2nd  September 2021 The master class discussed in detail the components of Early warning systems for heat stress management. The… Read more
Aug 2021
  Second SAHHIN Global Masterclass on Climate Adaptive Heat Action Plans’’, by expert   Mr. Rohit Magotra, Deputy Director, IRADe 25th August 2021 The Master class provided an understanding of Heat Action Plan features, along with identification and mapping of heat… Read more
Aug 2021
First SAHHIN Global Masterclass on Heat Threshold for Indian Cities’’, by Dr. SC. Bhan, Scientist F 12th August 2021 The class provide an overview of HST and methodology to assess HST of Indian cities and was attended by over 90… Read more