Sensitisation-Cum-Training workshop on Management of Heat Stress and Related Illness- March 2021

Capacity building workshops were successfully conducted in the month of March, 2021 in at Bhubaneswar. Thematic experts and resource persons from IIPH Bhubaneswar; IRADe, New Delhi; IIPH Gandhi Nagar; and OSDMA, Government of Odisha facilitated various technical sessions through online and offline modes. A reference guide (developed by IIPHB) was given to the participants in […]

Workshop on Urban Integrated Environment Modelling and Services for Indian cities

A one day workshop, on the implementation of the project on “Urban Integrated Environment Modelling and Services for Indian Cities”,  was held on 19 February 2020. The Workshop aimed to improve the accuracy of urban weather forecasts, atmospheric dispersion and air quality, hydrology forecast, disaster management, daily operations & policy decisions, and create a science-based, HPC […]

Methodology Workshop- Climate Adaptive Action Plans to manage Heat Stress in Indian Cities- 19th March 2018

The Methodology workshop was conducted with the partner organizations, IIPH Gandhinagar & Bhubaneshwar along with other experts, Senior Advisors of IRADe, at IRADe conference Hall, on the 19th March, 2018. The workshop was intended to discuss extensively on the research methodology and procedures to be adopted in conducting field level surveys and acquisition of required […]